4 Dimension Ultrasound
Seeing your unborn child for the first time is sure very impressive, and it could be a great moment for parents-to-be.
At Perfect Woman Institute we provide you with the latest in 4 D technology. The 4D fetal imaging allows you to view your baby during a relaxed, personalized, and unique session in the womb. The ultrasound creates a moving, life-like picture by taking rapid images. That result in live action ultrasound images of your baby. 4-D ultrasound will even allow you to see your baby when it smiles or opens its eyes in the womb.

What is Ultrasound?
Ultrasound is a type of sound wave which has a frequency higher than 20,000 Hz. At present the ultrasound wave is used to develop medical equipment to detect various diseases including the fetus’s health in the womb.

How dos the 4D-Ultrasound functions?
Today, the ultrasound machine is more complex and superior to the traditional 2D-ultrasound machine where the length and width of the picture can be depicted or the graphic is blocked by the level of wave transmission each time. Although the picture is useful, it does not clearly display the fetus’s picture. The new ultrasound machine digitally collects the quantity of reflecting sound and display the picture in 3D format in a more realistic manner. The 4D-ultrasound can capture each of the 3D pictures with realistic animations at real time via the 4D technology in order to clearly identify the fetus’s behaviors.

Advantages of 4D-Ultrasoun

  • Shorten the pregnancy screening period since the fetus’s body and genital organs are captured by the computer
  • The fetus’s internal organ in the womb can be more clearly seen such as the face, arms, legs, fingers and toes, to than the traditional 2D-ultrasound machine,
  • The fetus’s behavior can be more clearly captured than the tradional 2D machine because the 2D machine can hardly detect or see the fetus’s reactions such as the fetus’s yawn, fingers sucking, smiling, swallowing the amniotic fluid, blinking the eyes and moving the fingers
  • The family bond between the parents and infant will foster from day one when the fetus is in the womb

What does the 4D-Ultrasound detects?
The cutting edge of the 4D-ultrasound, not only brings joy to the parents and members of the family for entertainment purposes, but attention is paid to the infant’s health as the first priority. The physician’s careful evaluation of the infant’s growth and development is carefully emphasized on:
•The position of the placenta, umbilical cord and amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus
•The structure of the skeleton head and brain of the infant
•The heart and blood circulation
•The spine, stomach, bladder and kidney
•The arms, legs, hands, feet and fingers
•The face and other parts of the organs on the infant’s face
•Sex (if required)
•The infant’s growth ratio – head size, height and weight

A Fully Integrated 4D-Ultradound Check-up at The Perfect Woman Institute offers:
- 3D pictures of the infant in the womb
- 4D-ultrasound DVD (can be opened only by DVD player and computer)
- Fetus’s growth report

Suitable Period for Pregnancy Check-up by 4D-Ultrasound
Patients can undergo 4D-ultrasound check-up at 18-20 weeks of their pregnancy. The body of the fetus can be viewed at the early stage while more details of the fetus’s body are displayed at a later stage.

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